I Have A Dream


I have a dream a special dream
It is of a far off land
Of mountains tall white water falls
And seas of golden sands
Where rivers flow sweet breezes blow
The small birds sing on high
Where love is not a memory
And life just goes on by


Where love and peace they intertwine
And war takes second place
Seeing black and white walk hand in hand
We are all one human race
Where borders are not made with guns
A man can walk from sea to sea
That is my dream my special dream
Where everyone is free


Where all children they are wanted
The old they know we care
And those born less than perfect
Each have a life to share
No one being persecuted
None held in slavery bound
No drug induced intrusion
In their walk of life be found


Where all leaders rule with wisdom
All worldly wealth is shared
No dying from starvation
The innocent they are spared
Where hope and understanding
Give everyone a dream
The world being there for everyone
To walk with self esteem


Let’s all unite and make things right
To this world we all belong
Look away from yesterday
And learn from things done wrong
If in change we make a better world
We should all this change surpass
For the mill will never grind again
The waters of the past


P.J. Brennan



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