Pro Life Poem

“The defining issue confronting society today is the treatment and respect afforded to human life at all stages of development from its fragile beginnings to natural death. The principle of inclusiveness that underpins the pro-life message is not empty rhetoric: it translates into a large, practical and, at times, challenging agenda. Each of us started life as an embryo. When the father’s sperm fuses with the mother’s egg, a new life begins. Although very tiny, this new human being is not just a potential life – it is already an actual human life with potential and deserves to be welcomed in life and protected in law.”

On 14 June 2017, the Taoiseach Leo Varadkar announced the Irish government’s intention to bring forward legislation to facilitate the holding of a referendum on abortion in 2018.


Please Let Me Live

I am a new arrival

In the womb I have been formed

Defined by the rarest beauty

Only nature could adorn

Although very tiny

I am a person through and through

And should no one render harm to me

I will grow up just like you


They say we all have equal rights

From lifes beginning to its end

But who can see that all is right

And will my life defend

If in this world I need protection

You are the one I would choose to care

I am your child, you are my mother

Its a journey we both share


There are many gone before me

Others trail behind

Some arrived disabled

We are all of a kind

As we reach out for living

Knowing our journey is a trial

Please momma’s  wont you love us

If only for a while


We all know life is precious

Please don’t give up on me

There are so many things I have to do

So much to say and see

If my journey is  a short one

My life a moment it should be

One kiss, a hug, a cuddle

Would be a lifetimes love for me