Children of the earth


All o’er the land turned to dust and sand

After years of waiting for the rains that never came

There is nobody sowing, for there is nothing growing

Many generations work has all been in vain.


No children playing, no families linger on

They are walking, hoping, praying for the new dawn to come

With the dying carrying the dying, there are no tears left for crying

As they seek food and water in the next dusty plain


The whole world looks on and they all agree it’s wrong

That so many starving people should not eat with us as one

They say they will send them sustenance to meet with their daily bread

By the time they have finished talking, there will be another million dead.


Come on all you people, each and every one

Let’s feed our brothers and help them to be strong

Don’t let creed or colour eer dim your view

But for the grace of God, the hungry could be you


Now you leaders of great nations, your powers you do invoke

You scorn upon the little ones and treat them as a joke

You think you’re all so powerful, you feel so out of reach

When you talk of peace and equity, won’t you practice what you preach


P.J. Brennan



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