Born less than perfect


Quietly sitting in my holding chair

Be my body a prison or a temple there

I feel lifes  pain but I cant express

The joys of living put to the test


When I feel the rain my soul delights

As the morning steals away the night

Seeing natures flowers as they grow

Watch their Autumn leaves put on a colour show


I see many facing  life in need

Victims of mans unsavoury greed

I feel their pain I hear their cry

As they chase a world that’s passing by


But trapped in here I do no wrong

To face each day I must be strong

To cherish a world of hope denied

Where be I whole or part I must abide


So look you not through me for I am here

Be you aware I too have fears

Though my hopes and dreams they may be small

When we stand together we grow ever tall

P.J. Brennan




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