The Garden of Life


In ones garden did many flowers grow

With a display of many colours show

Many shapes and sizes of rare design

Touched by rare beauty nature defined

Each day to this garden the owner did go

To relish the peace that the flowers bestow

He marveled their splendour embraced their sublime

His vision of living and the flowers entwined

Then one day a weed appeared on the scene

It grew to great size where a flower had been

It took all his focus there was nothing besides

In his blinkered vision all the flowers had died

And likewise a man who lived on the same street

He had friends he had family each day he did greet

He had wealth he had power his world was on call

As he savoured good living  never contemplate fall

Then one day a problem came into his life

It brought him grave feeling along with great strife

In his struggle for living his dreams placed aside

All the good in his life with the problem had died




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